Space. Ship.

Will conquer curves. Won't fall over.

On the move with four children, and with additional luggage in the extra boot. So far impossible, yet a cakewalk for our new CD2. But the real highlight is: the bike carries all this load light-footedly around every bend – while still remaining stable at any speed and tip-proof when stationary. This is made possible by our own patented tilting technology.

Even from the basic version, we have equipped the CD2 with the highest quality components, specially developed for electric cargo bikes. No less than Bosch Cargo Line and enviolo Heavy Duty are the benchmarks. It thus offers enormous utility value, maximum safety, extremely low maintenance and unrivalled durability.

Uphill with power

Uphill with ease at up to 280 KG t- hanks to the Bosch Cargo Line motor and continuously variable Heavy Duty transmission.

Easily around the bend

Intuitive and ergonomic cornering - even on three wheels. A safe driving experience all round.

Huge energy reserve

The lockable battery compartment holds up to two latest-generation BOSCH 750 Wh batteries.

Safe & Durable

Superior components such as the Tektro 8-piston brake system deliver outstanding safety and durability.


With its huge payload volume, the CD2 is the champion of its class. There is room for up to four children plus luggage. Not only the Kids Box, but also the lockable boot and an additional compartment leave nothing to be desired. Several helmets and backpacks fit in the lockable boot; even large drink crates are no problem. In total, the CD2 takes more than 200 kg in payload alone.</p>
<p>Thanks to the height-adjustable 3-point safety belts by FIDLOCK and Kids Box's EPP side walls, your kids are optimally protected. The seats are padded as standard. Optional padding for the backrests and a practical rain cover will be ready to order towards the end of the year.


To park the bike, simply step on the ergonomically positioned locking pedal and the CD2 remains upright. You can also deactivate the tilting technology for very slow speeds as well as for rolling or pushing - though you don't have to. Without tilt, the CD2 rides like a fixed tricycle. For smooth driving as on a single-track cargo bike, a gentle press of the button on the handlebars is all that is needed to reactivate the tilting technology. Not only does this make fast cornering possible - the curve radius is also significantly reduced by the tilt.


For maximum durability and low maintenance, we equip the CD2 with the highest quality components the supply industry has to offer. Some highlights:


Regulating instead of switching. The enviolo hub gear has long been the first choice when it comes to continuously variable transmissions for e-bikes. The enviolo "Heavy Duty" was specially developed to handle the heavy loads of electric cargo bikes. Its technical specifications, like torque up to 100 Nm or its high five-digit kilometre performance, speak for themselves.</p>
<p>As an option, we also offer the enviolo AutomatiQ gear hub for the CD2 Family. Here, the continuously variable transmission is not controlled by a mechanical rotary handle, but by an electronic one - automatically and at the touch of a button. Regardless of the current riding speed, you simply select your preferred pedalling rate - all the rest is controlled by enviolo AutomatiQ. This way, your attention will remain where it is needed most: on the road.</p>
<p>In keeping with the philosophy of HNF-NICOLAI, the enviolo Heavy Duty is also completely maintenance-free.


The Tektro HD-T745 Auriga Twin+ hydraulic disc brake is both driving brake and parking brake in one. With its sophisticated hydraulic system and its three 180 x 5 mm discs, it effortlessly and sensitively brings even the heaviest loads to a standstill. On the front wheels alone, the system operates 8 brake pistons simultaneously with a single lever. The effect is impressive: whoever rides the Tektro 745 for the first time will never again want to ride a cargo bike without this brake. For safe standing on sloping ground, the brake can also be locked directly on the brake lever - an enormous plus in terms of safety.

Quality without compromise.

The CD2 Family impresses with a maintenance-free belt drive, the most powerful BOSCH Cargo Line motor, the latest Bosch "Smart System" generation, child seats with three-point harnesses, premium headlights from Supernova, the Tektro premium brake system especially for large cargo bikes, the largest 750 Wh battery currently available from Bosch, pre-fitting for dual batteries and ergonomically curved handlebars. It can also be equipped with the convenient enviolo AutomatiQ hub gear system on request.


It is expected that BOSCH will also offer its Dual Battery System for PowerTube750. With the double battery compartment, the CD2 is well prepared for this. Perfect for increased energy needs, for example on long journeys. With two Bosch 750 batteries, you can use an energy supply of up to 1.5 kWh. The second battery is available separately. As a standard, the double battery compartment comes DualBattery ready and with one PowerTube 750.


The new Bosch PowerTubes from the SmartSystem universe, which HNF-NICOLAI installs in the CD2, hold a full 750 Wh of energy and have a significantly improved service life. As an Intube batteries, they disappear inside the sealed battery compartment, where they are safely stored. For indoor charging, they can be easily removed. Optionally, charging directly at the bike is also possible.


The Top-Of-The-Line carbon belt from Gates replaces the bicycle chain. It is whisper-quiet, always clean and grease-free, completely maintenance-free and extremely durable. Electric cargo bikes with a high system weight and above-average mileage place special demands on their drive system. That is why we only use the GATES CARBON DRIVE CDX belt in the CD2. Gates has optimised it specifically to meet the performance requirements of powerful e-bikes and has thus developed a new, particularly durable and absolutely maintenance-free system. It is 20 % lighter and lasts on average 10 times longer than a well-maintained steel chain - often even a multiple of that. And best of all: unlike the chain, the belt does not elongate with time. Even re-tensioning is no longer necessary.



We build vehicles for tomorrow's mobility. A timeless and minimalist design is the hallmark of our durable, high-quality bikes. By manufacturing to the highest standards, we deliver uncompromising quality. What's more, we are the pioneers of a trend-setting drive concept: since 2015, we have been combining powerful Bosch motors with a virtually wear-free belt drive and a continuously variable transmission. This combination, which we first introduced with our XD series, is today regarded as the gold standard for maintenance-free operation across all manufacturers. Since 2022, we have been adding high-quality chain drives and gears to our range of belt-driven e-bikes.



85 Nm max

battery pack
Bosch PowerTube 750 Wh

On-board computer

Bosch Kiox 300

enviolo CVP Heavy Duty - optionally with enviolo AutomatiQ

enviolo rotary handle CT Pure

Front pulley
Gates CDX 55T with Bashguard

Rear pulley
Gates CDX 28T

Miranda Delta 170 mm

Gates CDX 125T

TEKTRO HD-T 745 / HD-T 740 180 mm

Ergotec Swell-RE 80mm, adjustable

Ergotec Lady Town 620mm, 30°

Ergon GP10 black

Ergotec EP Cargo

Hebie Alumee 62 mm

Luggage rack
Racktime for HNF, Snap-it 2.0, 25 kg

Seat post
Ergotec Atar 31,6 mm

Selle Royal ON Moderate

Front wheel hub
HNF-NICOLAI Cargo Wheel Hub

Rear hub
enviolo CVP Heavy Duty

Ryde Andra 40 Disc 25x406 / 25x548

Big Ben, Super Moto-X or Schwalbe Pick-Up 55-406 / 60-584

2 x Supernova MINI 2

Busch und Müller TOPLIGHT Line Brex with brake light

ABUS Shield XPlus 5755L Frame lock (NR)

Front box and frame: satin blue, Kids Box: black

approx. 79 kg

Total gross vehicle weight
280 kg, certification for 300 kg in progress

RRP CD2 Family
from € 8,490
from € 8,940 with enviolo AutomatiQ

Subject to technical changes.
All information is subject to change without notice.