from the pioneers of e-mobility

Since 2008, Michael Hecken and his team have designed and built electrically powered bikes. Together with frame crafting legend Karlheinz “Kalle” Nicolai and cycle industry expert Benjamin Börries, Hecken has launched companies such as Grace and HNF. Many bikes from this long-term collaboration have shaped the industry, and several have received prestigious accolades. Among them were the smart e-bike (built for Daimler AG) or the GRACE ONE, which in 2011 was the world’s first mass-produced e-motorbike, featuring a frame-integrated battery for the first time ever. Hecken and Nicolai also developed the world’s first carbon belt drive e-bike with continuously variable transmission. This combination is now widely considered to be the gold standard of maintenance-free operation, across all manufacturers. We were founded on a belief system which has shaped our industry. Today more than ever, HNF-NICOLAI stands for high-quality e-bikes with industry-leading drive innovations and outstanding design.

Uncompromising quality

For more than 20 years, our co-founder and CTO Karlheinz Nicolai has received worldwide
recognition for for the exceptional quality of his German-made frames. With his passion for vehicle construction, he is committed to ensuring the exceptional quality of HNF-NICOLAI e-bikes. At HNF-NICOLAI all processes are offered in-house, from product development to sample frame construction and final inspection. Whether it’s in our design and development centre in Berlin, in our factory in Saxony-Anhalt or at NICOLAI Maschinenbau in Lower Saxony, where our XF series frames are built - even off the downhill race tracks, Kalle Nicolai endorses bikes of the highest quality.


Our high-quality bikes are available exclusively from specialist bicycle stores, with over 500 highly qualified specialist dealers across Germany. Click here to locate your closest dealer.

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