Focus on your plans, not on your bike. The SD3 URBAN is ultra-low in maintenance and is always at your disposal when you need it.

Its reliability and durability make the SD3 the ideal vehicle for active urbanites, because you want to have 100% confidence in your mobility

Bosch Performance Motor

Virtually noiseless drive with minimal pedalling resistance

No chain

The GATES CDX carbon belt lasts 10 times longer. It is oil-free and clean, maintenance-free and whisper-quiet.

Stepless transmission

Regeln statt schalten - mit bis zu 330 % Übersetzungsbreite. Voll gekapselt, effizient und 100 % wartungsfrei.

Top components

Supernova lighting system, top-quality hydraulic disc brakes and many other highlights



The Active Line Plus is 25% smaller than previous Bosch drive systems and hence integrates optimally into the bicycle frame. The reduced weight and low centre of gravity enable safe handling. It is extremely quiet and offers only minimal running resistance, which is crucial, especially at speeds above 25 km/h. With more than 1,000 measurements per second, the intelligent 3-sensor concept ensures extremely harmonious performance.


Quiet and longer-lasting - Specially adapted to the performance requirements of an e-bike, Gates engineers have developed a new, remarkably durable and maintenance-free system. It's 20% lighter and lasts up to 10 times longer than a well-maintained steel chain.


The SD3's Bosch PowerTube is a modern lithium-ion battery with an integrated battery management system and 500 Wh energy capacity. As an Intube battery, it disappears discreetly in the frame of the SD3. It can be easily installed and removed and, optionally, also charged directly on the bike.

Deine Schaltung

Today, enviolo from Fallbrook Technologies is set to become the standard in continuously variable gears for bicycles and e-bikes. With a transmission ratio of up to 330%, the enviolo CT 330 offers ideal comfort for urban terrain. In line with HNF-Nicolai’s philosophy, the enviolo is entirely maintenance-free. Unlike conventional gear hubs, it can also be shifted under load or at standstill.

erhältlich mit zwei Lichtanlagen

Im äußerst kompakten Design der Supernova MINI 2 kommt die einzigartige Terralux 3 Linse zum Einsatz. Die Helligkeit beträgt nun 235 Lumen.

Der eingebaute Überspannungsschutz in Kombination mit einem Softstart beim Einschalten sorgt für eine lange Lebensdauer der MINI 2. Durch eine ausgeklügelte Lichtlenkung bringt die Terraflux Linse 90 % des Lichts dahin, wo es am dringendsten gebraucht wird: auf die Straße.

The M99 MINI Pro 25 is the first approved headlight with high beam and low beam to comply with the new European Road Traffic Licensing Regulations. A high beam is essential, especially in off-road use, because it significantly improves the illumination of the trail. As it illuminates the entire environment, safety is massively increased. So after a sporty night ride, the integrated low beam can ease your drive home – without dazzling oncoming traffic.

Erhältlich mit folgenden Kommandozentralen

We install the Bosch Purion compact display as standard on the SD3. It combines remote control and display element in one housing. The position on the left handlebar grip is less susceptible to damage in the event of a fall, and it also leaves space in the centre of the handlebar for attaching a smartphone. Two large, multi-functional plus and minus buttons call up essential trip data such as total mileage, range and distance. The standard display provides information on the current speed, battery level and support level.

Einfache, intuitive und sichere Bedienung an der separaten Bedieneinheit zeichnen das Intuvia aus, welches für das SD3 optional erhältlich ist.

Nicht nur das Schalten zwischen den fünf Fahrmodi plus Schiebehilfe, auch das Abrufen von Informationen wie Geschwindigkeit, Ladezustand, Distanz und vielem mehr könnte nicht einfacher sein. Darüber hinaus zeigt die Schaltempfehlung mittels einer Pfeilanzeige den optimalen Moment, einen anderen Gang einzulegen.

BOSCH SmartphoneHub, available as an option, turns your pedelec into a fully networked e-bike to be part of your digital life: Combined with your smartphone and the COBI.Bike app, SmartphoneHub turns into an intelligent control centre that navigates, records activities and connects with other services and apps. But even without a smartphone, the integrated display shows all essential ride parameters. This gives you maximum flexibility at all times – no matter where your route takes you.

Small, well-connected and trend-setting: Kiox gives sporty, ambitious eBikers access to the digital world via the eBike Connect smartphone app; it even navigates you to your destination. With the robust colour display, you always have an eye on your route and your riding data – and with the separate control unit, you have full control of your e-bike. Kiox records your trip and sends all relevant data, and, using your Bluetooth-connected smartphone, sends it to the eBike Connect online portal. Moreover, you can optimize your workout by connecting it to a heart rate monitor via Bluetooth. This makes Kiox your perfect companion for sporty tours and the Connected Biking adventure.

Nyon connects to the smartphone via the eBike Connect app and exchanges data on routes and activities. As an intelligent guide, the colour display supports you when exploring previously unknown places and, with fitness data, acts as a personal trainer. The all-in-one onboard computer can be operated intuitively and easily via the touchscreen. While driving, it is controlled via a separate control unit. Whether for extended tours or short everyday rides: the robust and perfectly viewable display is ideally equipped for all requirements and all weather conditions.

Uncompromising quality

For more than 20 years, our co-founder and CTO Karlheinz Nicolai has enjoyed the highest recognition worldwide for the exceptional quality of his German-made frames. With his passion for vehicle construction, he is committed to ensuring the exceptional quality of HNF-NICOLAI e-bikes. From product development to sample frame construction and final inspection, all processes are available in-house at HNF-NICOLAI. Whether in our design and development centre in Berlin, in our factory in Saxony-Anhalt or at NICOLAI Maschinenbau in Lower Saxony, where our frames for the XF series are manufactured - even off the downhill race tracks, Kalle Nicolai vouches with his name for bikes of the highest quality.


The RockShox Paragon stands for perfect technology down to the smallest detail. Large suspension travel, individual adjustment and low weight offer excellent performance in urban areas and on demanding trails.


The M2's dual-piston calipers provide excellent braking performance in all conditions. Supported by a slim and compact lever design, this braking system offers exceptional and consistent reliability in both dry and wet driving conditions.


MTB 28'' S / M (up to 180cm) or L/XL (from 180cm)

Bosch Performance Line

RockShox Paragon suspension fork

battery pack
Bosch PowerTube 500Wh

Bosch Purion Optional: Kiox, SmartphoneHub, Intuvia, Nyon

Power transmission
Gates Carbon Drive (carbon belt)

Front pulley
Bosch PowerTube 500WhGates CDX 55T for Bosch

Gates Carbon Drive Belt 125T

Rear pulley
Gates CDX 22T

Clarks M2 180mm hydraulic disc brake

gear box
Enviolo CT 330

Gear lever

Satori Compact

Selle Royal Essenza Athletic

Seat post
Satori Trident 31.6 x 400 mm

Miranda Classic

VP 831P


Supernova MINI 2

Continental Contact, 622-47

Max. speed (pedelec)
up to 25 km/h

gray | white

approx. 25.8 kg | 150 kg

from € 3.790

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