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The outstandingly torsion-resistant frame with low entry is at the heart of our UD range. Typically equipped with the largest 750 WH battery from BOSCH (Rohloff and Eco versions: 625 Wh), we manufacture the UD4 in four different versions – each of them in uncompromising HNF quality.

Carbon belt or chain, custom gear either for the city or for rough terrain, different colours, perfect motorisation and attractive special editions – the UD4 combines the highest quality with a wide variety of options.

Classy or Eco

Various options, but only one quality: Uncompromising premium.

Chain or Belt

Maintenance-free carbon belt or chain drive of the highest quality - the choice is yours.

Road or Trail

Different versions with configuration characteristics for urban or rural areas

Signature Colours

New paint finishes for editions and versions complement our attractive colour classics.

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from € 5,990

“All Terrain” is the universal pedelc for both city and countryside. It is available in black (matt), red (matt) and white – and with HNF’s signature combination of carbon belt and continuously variable transmission. We have equipped it to the fullest with the most attractive components of the upper premium segment. All details and specifications are available here:

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from € 7,490

“All Terrain Rohloff” is HNF’s top highlight, both technically and visually. The classic British Racing Green unmistakably signals that this bike is “a class of its own”. Equipped with the best premium components, built to last. In the drivetrain, the unique Rohloff Speedhub 500 e14 gearbox performs superbly, combined of course with the maintenance-free Gates CDX carbon belt.

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from € 5,490

At HNF, “Adventure” stands for the premium version with chain drive – and with otherwise unchanged components from the upper premium segment. If you ride your bike less than 2,000 km a year, but still don’t want to miss out on high-quality components, you might be better off with this drivetrain – not least due to the lower entry price as compared to the belt models. The same applies, of course, to those who prefer the chain for traditional reasons.

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from € 4,690

At HNF, “ECO TOURING” stands for premium quality with chain drive – at a slightly reduced scope of components and improved suitability for unpaved roads. For example, if you are looking for off-road capability and can do without the integrated folding lock and a centrally positioned display, this variant offers exactly the same premium quality as all the other variants, despite the lower price. The scope of its components is still extensive.

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We build vehicles for tomorrow's mobility. A timeless and minimalist design is the hallmark of our durable, high-quality bikes. By manufacturing to the highest standards, we deliver uncompromising quality. What's more, we are the pioneers of a trend-setting drive concept: since 2015, we have been combining powerful Bosch motors with a virtually wear-free belt drive and a continuously variable transmission. This combination, which we first introduced with our XD series, is today regarded as the gold standard for maintenance-free operation across all manufacturers. Since 2022, we have been adding high-quality chain drives and gears to our range of belt-driven e-bikes.